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Electrum Servers (SPV servers) Essential to bootstrapping the Redd-ID ecosystem will be the revival of Reddcoin Electrum servers.With the publication of its shiny new roadmap, the Litecoin Association and community is hoping for a LTC.A new roadmap release this include website changes.A website under development will provide an easily managed, adaptable and flexible infrastructure.

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Detailed Overview Reddcoin Project Roadmap 4th Qtr 2016 Redd-ID (Blockchain-based distributed naming service) Redd-ID is a blockchain-based naming service.

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Lisk Blockchain Platform Releases its Product Development Roadmap Lisk has made its long-term plans for the blockchain based decentralized applications platform public.Bitcoin Press Release:. the platform has released an updated whitepaper and development roadmap to offer stakeholders detailed information about what they can.POSW Token Explodes In Value As POSWallet Development Roadmap Hints At Exciting Upcoming Features.

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The Electrum protocol is extended to support Redd-ID operations and to enable interaction between clients and the blockchain.Recently both the Chinese and Italian Reddcoin communities have launched websites, forums and blogs.

As the content management platform Yours announces it will launch with Litecoin.A new roadmap unveiled this week showcases that the team developing the litecoin blockchain has big plans ahead.Litecoin has released its 2017 roadmap as. and development of.Vladimir Putin Presented With A Blockchain Roadmap. Social Media Platform Yours Switches from Litecoin to Bitcoin.Staking enabled in each of the Electrum clients (Windows, OSx, Linux, Android).Reddcoin donations received are hosted at the following addresses, which are also enabled for staking.Redd-IDs will have an expiration date and require renewal (terms between 1 and 5 years with discounting).

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Litecoin developers presented an updated roadmap for 2017, that included the key plans and objectives of the project.The service provides users the ability to create and own multiple user IDs (e.g. social, work or community).The Reddcoin team now accepts donations from the community to help cover the ongoing cost of hosting servers, operational expenses, advertising, developer support and special promotions.Now would be a good time to see an official development update, though.URLs and postings that attract positive tipping behaviour are ranked and highlighted.

Within each user profile is the ability to link multiple social network identities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Each social network identity can also have a separately assigned and individual Reddcoin address.Extending the algorithm to encourage more active staking nodes.The infographic also provides insight into the ecosystem that is being designed and built, along with approximate timelines for implementation.With the publication of its shiny new roadmap, the Litecoin Association and community is hoping for a LTC renaissance.Some developers saw litecoin as a possible testing ground for. the Litecoin Foundation recently unveiled a development roadmap that includes technical changes.

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Bitcoin Core 0.14.2 has been released with a security fix for users who manually enable the UPnP.

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Redd-IDs are verified in PoSV blocks, with active Reddcoin stakers supporting the registration service.The focus is on building an ecosystem that reaches beyond the blockchain.

A small percentage of the registration fee goes to the network (the Electrum server operator) to support infrastructure.

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Litecoin Releases Ambitious Roadmap For 2017 As SegWit Steals Bitcoin Business.Inclusion of many popular social platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter and others) via browser plugin architecture acting as a bridge.

Litecoin Faucets; Earn FREE. the platform has released an updated whitepaper and development roadmap to offer stakeholders detailed information about...More specifically, it would be nice to see how this departure affects the overall roadmap.Litecoin Core and Litecoin Association Road Map 2016 The Litecoin Association in cooperation with the Litecoin Core development team present the 2016 Litecoin Road Map.I guess I would just stick with what I am already in where the founder personally communicates with the community directly on a daily basis and updates are regular.Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not represent the views of NewsBTC or any of its team members.